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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hermes S/S 2011

The reason for my frivolous ways, Hermes, showed their Spring Summer ready to wear collection for 2011 and it was nothing less than spectacular. Every time I get ready to write about Hermes, whatever it may be there is always an impending feeling of magic, excitement and surprise and that feeling was definitely present when I got to lay my eyes on the plethora of perfectly tailored pants, jackets vests, blazers and accessories that make my eyes and bank account being to melt.. also an unforgiving sense that nothing walking this runway is less than $1,000 bucks..

It must be Jean Paul Gaultier's avant-modern aesthetic blended with his knowledge for the classic & modern luxury which is Hermes that being said.... OH THE EQUESTRIAN GLAMOUR!!!... Jean Paul Gaultier has done it again. The cringe factor is always on cue with Hermes not only because of the idea of "Ooooh Hermessssss.. but because of as I said this modern amusement played so well in a serious luxury house... There was so much to drool over throughout the show those glamazon hats and those kelly riding boots and those... ohh.. oh wait.......IS THAT A FRIGGIN KELLY CLOSURE TUBE TOP I SEE... Pardon me as I pass out..

OK.. Im back.. With a simple and classic collection at hand JPG obviously had to add a twist by giving these looks a hint of sex appeal with these neck-chocking body-holding harnesses that I can definitely expect to be seeing in one of Lady GaGa's upcoming music videos..

THis is how I want to dress when I feel masculine lol.. Say's a lot about me doesn't it haha..

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Simonett Pereira said...

You are too much, I love it.

chichichic said...

oh do i ever love hermes! great post!



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