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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Evan Biddell S/S 2011

Spring/Summer - The morning after his show he texted me "I love it, you were speechless... I've never seen that before".. Evan & I sat during one of the runway shows earlier this week and still had his metal glam grand-slam show still on our minds.
Our beloved bad-boy Biddell created a collection this season which amplified his definitely known ability to create with such creativity and keep in mind that there are people that need to wear clothes giving it that wearable appeal... This collection had a gorgeous textural sensuality to it.. There was a creative mix of heavy and soft, the stud's & spikes (which we all know I love) mixed with floral patterns made the perfect bad girl who lives next door has straight as but knows how to party dress that dress!!

All pictures credits: Peter Balinski

An obsession I have with Evan's collections are his ability to make fabrics flow.. The fabrics he choose create such a surreal feeling when watching them strut their way down the cat-walk.. We were saying that it was literally like a dream watching them trail behind the stomping models, effortlessly floating behind..
Theres something about the way a hard-boiled than drizzled breastplate made by Biddell that makes it just a little more sexy, fierce. YES I SAID IT FIERCE and fashionable than usual lol!! Amazing show Evan, and I am in love with that friggin hooded scarf you gave me haha

p.s. click here for my live updates from Evan Biddell's Spring Summer 2011 runway show

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Sherina said...

PURE AWESOME-ness. This collection is so "Good girl gone bad" !! I die for the floral dress & studded waist belt. Great post!


Anonymous said...


ViiVIi said...

gorgeous collection. from what i've seen on your blog Evan Biddell is one to watch!

Anonymous said...


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