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Thursday, September 9, 2010

STYLE iCON: Emmanuelle Alt

I've always given revolving attention to Emmanuelle Alt's style choices. (Especially since she was the one whom worked on that amazing Vogue Paris issue that I own with the gold foil cover and graffiti. Keith harring & kaws in it which was turned into Satisfashion's first ever blog header!!) but it wasn't until Kanye West recently tweeted "Saw Emmanuelle Alt in New York city... Head to toe Balmain ... fashion week is here"that I took these moments to look more in depth, coming to realize that Emmanuelle Alt is truly one of my style icons!! Her ability to look right off the runway almost metaphorically correct to being dipped like a cone in chocolate. The chocolate being Balmain. She knows how to pair a simple t-shirt and jeans with an extravagant blazer and shoes to create the ultimate look. Her legs are probably my most favorite feature as well as her collection of Balmain.. oh don't get me started! Once I saw the photo of her (below) in the navy Balmain blazer with light wash jeans I knew it was meant to be. Her almost effortlessly seeming form captures my mind and almost brings me to a catharsis of fashion. For this, EMMANUELE ALT, you are my STYLE iCON!

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Anonymous said...

probably EVERYONE has a little crush on her. I DO since i saw pictures from her the first time

gLamOLAnd said...

OMG..I think I've got the 2nd Balmain coat she has on (long black trench) twas a gift from my aunt..via

Liliana said...

OMG I love her too!
She's an icon, I did a similar post on my blog...


Anonymous said...

She is epic!!

Giuli K said...

Emmanuel Alt is beyoooond!! Love her and the whole of Vogue Paris team!

Malvestida said...

Can she be any cooler? I mean, seriously love her style! Your blog is great! Ill sure be reading you constantly!
btw, thanks so much for following Malvestida.com on twitter!

Alan Li said...

She is absolutely remarkable. I love how she experiments with different styles and doesn't just stick to one silhouette or color palette

stylestruck said...

i'd have to say she gets my vote! her style is super edgy, classic and fun!! in every shot, there's one thing that seems to carry - herself.
it's HER style and she owns it. i love that.

oh and then there's always kanye. propers.

orzele said...

I gotta say a simple "black & white color", that her style turnsout "classy chic" and "super woman style"... #fashionista!

LIVADORE said...

her style is plain fab


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