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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vilsbol De Arce F/W 2010

A year ago upon discovery I knew right away that Vilsbol De Arce was one of the few designers whom had the ability to fully produce the idea of ideal wearable art, wearable fashion; (my terms=) The sense of wearing avant garde throughout daily life and cycles without an overwhelming feeling of being an orange in an apple tree. Vilsbol De Arce has formed collections that are nothing less then beautiful, to say the least. The details and forms are something we see but never think to wear, until now. Now for his Fall/Winter collection of 2010 Visbol has created yet again something amazing. The details, the textures & the concept is nothing short of eccentric, eclectic and obviously FASHION.

Reviewing his F/W collection I almost passed out loving everything, from the twist layered skinny pants & those amazing wedges. The shredded top's & skirt's were sliced to perfection, they draped perfeclty and added such a elusive sense to the pieces. The plastic (or lucite, or whatever they may be) panel's on the pieces make for the most futuristic & interesting additions's to the outfit, give it such an avant garde feel. This collection was amazing & I can not wait to see more from his collection.

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Anonymous said...

Stunning, almost other worldly

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