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Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Years Later & Im Still Strutting My Stuff!!

Now more than ever... Around two years agos this time I was coming into my own, opening up my eyes to a broader perspective and seeing past my suburbian confines and judgemental perspectives. Toady I find myself wrapped in this life I call life which im loving every breath of..

When all this comes to mind, all I can think to say is thank you!! To my readers, followers, friends and family! I always say it to everyone that comes up to me and says they follow me and read SATISFASHION, that you are my best friend you understand me enough to continue a returning relationship and listening to all of the mumbo jumbo I always have to say and write. In celebration of this time I decided that it was time to get my step sis and the good ol'camera upstairs on the roof and take some pictures.. Just like before.. I am not only Jay Strut, you are Natasha Strut, Sean Strut, Tina Strut or [Enter Name Here] Strut.. Who ever you may be, keep strutting your stuff and stay tuned!! Alot of interesting things are going to be happening!!

Two Years Ago, around this time...

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TheStylist LA said...

LOVE your blog!!


Anonymous said...

love you :)

Anonymous said...

love your swag <3

Leigh said...

great blog! just found you, and I am totally following you!


Jay Strut said...

Thanks for all the amazingly kind words guys!!!

Anonymous said...

This post makes me wanna read your blog, to find out who you are, and where you come from!
Good luck in everything.

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