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Friday, August 13, 2010

So Excited!! NYC Here I Come!!

For those of you whom know me and know how gitty and excited even just over the thought of New York City could only imagine my reaction when my mom told me that she was booking ticket's for us to go to New York!!!! She then proceeded to inform me that not only were we going to New York, we were going to New York during....FASHION WEEK!!!!!!! Last season I was lucky enough to get some cool invites like Michael Kors, Nicole Miller and a bunch of other cool ones.. I cant even remember because I am so excited just to be typing about New York right now!! But I wasn't able to go because of school UGHH.. But now its perfect! I am finished school (until Janruary) and ready to rumble!!

My game plan for New York Fashion Week is to just take as many pictures as I can.. Alot of people have been telling me that "The best thing to do during your first New York Fashion Week is to network and take pictures of people and get as much good content as you can, you can watch the runway shows online but when your not network like the rent is due and it's the last day of the month!".. Great advice!? I know.. So I will be attending some shows with Get Janet and my mom (I am so excited).. I will be at Jenny Packham's first ever runway debut outside of her country... Aside from the shows and events I will be hounding the streets around the Lincoln Center from A.M to P.M...

I hope to meet as many of you, my New York friends as possible!! So drop me an e-mail and we can Fashion Week things up!!!!

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TASHA B said...

ahhhhh so jealous!!!!!!!!

so not fair!!!!

im going to america next summer and hit NYC and CA!!!


Anonymous said...

Super exciting! Can not wait to see your coverage.

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