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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Religion Is You..

Marc Jacobs has continually been seen sporting his TO DIE FOR Hermes Birkin Bags all over the world and in a variety of colors!!!.. Seeing this is like therapy to my dreary bag wall LOL... I have recently come down with BIRKINITUS and seem to only be able to think of this bag.. When I see them on the street i quiver and cringe and when mom told me her's was going to be ready for her for our Miami trip this coming Christmas my urge to have a Mother and Son matching moment granted itself an all access pass to my obsessive compulsive-ness.. For now, ill just enjoy the scenery from my half broken Marcboo.. i mean, Macbook LOL!!!

Question is the Birkin in the first images a size 50' or a sport/tennis?? I am taking notes for future reference lol...indulge in these few photos, while I lay here listening "Dont Stop Believing" gLee cast version dreaming of getting a Birkin as this year's Christmas present lol...

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Dahlia said...

He likes to keep it in classic Togo style too.

If you want Birkin envy, Victoria Beckham probably has the biggest collection I've seen, in all shapes and sizes.

Stylicious Fashionista said...

Oohh the blonde guy with MJ in the 2nd pic above, has the same features as Paris Hilton (apart from the bigger head) Maybe that's how she'll look like when she ages, provided she's chemical-, surgery- and botox -free! LOL

ANITA` said...

I love how he keeps it classic Togo style. This post has got me wanting a Birkin now to! Thanks Jay!!!! lol... Great blog. Can't wait to read more :)..

DBk said...

Ups bags are really cool *-* And i hope you can take it as a Christmas present -like u want :)- :P lol

Btw ur blog is greaatt :) <3



Nedda Ebo said...

Birkinitus LMAO that's a special kind of awesome. Marc Jacobs KILLS me!! Not only does he hold the bag of my dreams everywhere, but he is, himself, the man of my dreams..but he's gay...and totally unreachable lol fml.

I love your blog & just followed it <3

Mustart x

TASHA B said...

get it!!! u could pull it off!!



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