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Sunday, August 22, 2010

FIXATION: Valentino The Last Emperor, The Last Show

Yesterday I once again watched Valentino's The Last Emperor. This was the third or fifth time I watch and for some reason there was something that got me this time.. Maybe because I was watching it in fullscreen and was able to see all the intense colors and expressions, causing me to feel more riveted during the span of the movie.. Or maybe, I guess maybe it was because I was watching it with my mom and she is in love with him and started crying half way through for any apparent reason lol... no??.. lol.. Well anyways after looking, thinking, researching and talking... I do feel as if Valentino was pushed out of the company and to retirement by the Marzotta family whom felt that his time was up with his style of design. Because of that the company did horribly with the newly appointed creative director after Valentino and then the other two whom were hired.. No one will ever do Valentino like Valentino could, the generation and times he started his career in were a big dictator of his style and aesthetic which I feel maintained his ability to last so long and keep his visions alive, he literally learned how to do it the real way and manipulate it with modern technique. I like to think my mom said it best "you can only sell so many of those flowers bags, Valentino's work can never be duplicated.."

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Mia L. Shelton said...

I watched "Valentino: The Last Emperor" a couple of weeks ago and I too was moved to tears while watching it (just like your Mom). His passion for the art of fashion clearly showed in his immaculate designs. There is no one who can do Valentino like Valentino! Long live the Emperor!

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