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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cruise Shows Are My Favorite

Cruise shows always get me. After witnessing Chanel's Cruise show in St.Tropez my like to these runway extravaganza's have taken a new point. The sets, the themes the glamour! Edgy or serene these are some of my favorite runway shows to date...

Stefano Pillati out did himself with this runway show. The colors were all so beautiful and the icing on the cake definitely had to be the shorts and rompers, they were made to perfection!

With a entrance that made my nerves explode and the almost Victoria Secret runway show strut of the models, the Christian Dior Cruise show was nothing less than exciting! The only thing that kinda threw me off was the plaid (burberry like) jacket. Otherwise I love love love!! There were some pieces that were almost couture like.. The rosettes on the skirt and jacket versus the androgyny and masculinity gave the collection such a versatile aspect... The layered chiffon dresses and the pretty little details to go along with them make for perfect summer dresses for day and night!!!!

Talk about androgyny Bottega Venetta's cruise collection opened up with an outlandish yet so well tailored and flowy buisness chic look for woman.. IN SNEAKERS!!.. The rest is history, and quite fascinating history. I loved the mix of shapes and fabrics for this collection.. hmm..

Anyways, Cruise shows and Resort runway shows have a distinct blend of both s/s & f/w which makes them sometimes the ultimate runway show for a design house! Can't wait to see more from the best..

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