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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can't Wait To See This In New York..

Christian Dior's 57th street Dior flagship store has closed down for renovations and has strategically placed an oversized Lady Dior handbag infront of the store just to let people know... When in New York for Fashion Week this calls for a...

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Nedda Ebo said...

That is soooo clever!

Mustart x

Anya said...

effing hilarious! I can't wait to visit this..

Hope we run into eachother during NYFW!!



theluxefiles said...

Was there a couple weeks ago. It's right beside the Dior Homme. Looks like a huge cardboard quilted purse. It's genius!

Naho said...

Nice!! Although I live in NYC, didn't know this. Thank you for the post :)

Anonymous said...

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