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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My SS 2011 Menswear Picks [part 1]

I am sooooooo sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I am not quite sure how but for some weird reason every computer in my house has gone down the drain so I have been waiting to go back to woodbridge so I could bring one from my house up there down here. I promise I will be more frequent now-a-day's. There is so much going on righ now in the city so prepare for more updates. Right now let me give you guys a little session of the first round of my SS2011 Menswear Picks from Milan Fashion Week!

I loved Armani's super tapered yet super light collection for this coming s/s 2011 season in fashion. Although he has used black as the primary color for the collection I can assume that the fabrics, material's and cuts of his collection are very specific to comfort in way's of body tempurature and distance between the body. I also love the little Lady GaGa Alejandro mash up that goes on in the end! So amazing, I had a feeling it was Armani or Prada that did the clothing for that. I guessed Prada because of her connection with them during the Grammy awards.

Speaking of Prada, I am a little off balance with this collection because their thin and always dark collections all year round seemed to stop at Spring Summer 2011. There was baggy shorts and intense pop's of color here and there. I wonder what's going on :o..

Giuliano Fujiwara has taken the term blocking in fashion to another high by fabric & color blocking simultanieously. I love this designers crativity and ability to make such un-desired aspects of fashion very fashionable.. Like the onzie! I am guilty of hating on it but when I saw it in this collection in the grey print matched up with a blazer, I was kinda stolen. I also love the shoes of the menswear collection! Check them out their so cool.

Dior pretty much stole my heart for Menswear this fashion week. Complex proportios met by distingushed & masculine looks. I love how certain trends were played with an altered to fit a masculine males wardrobe specifications. All black everything (for the most part) made it's way down the runway backing behind a all white runway. The contrast between shades added such a touch of exuberance to the show

Lanvin was another show stopper for me. Staying true to menswear trends these up-coming years bringing out sandal's makes for a good year for lanvin. Drawing in men to gathering around the waist also makes for interest in their collection. I loved alot of what I saw on the runway for Lanvin's S/S2011 Menswear collection it was wearable and still had such an essence of high-end-ism (lol). Another favorite which is and usually always is with Lanvin is the color's they choose to use with menswear, the maroon's, red's, blue's, pastels & bolds make for such a creative, distinct and unique collection and addition to the fashion world and men's closets all over the world.

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