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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fashion Miss Remorse

Think of your most favorite piece of clothing or accessory you own. Your most favorite Louis bag, or your vintage Chanel pearls. Your most invaluable asset to your wardrobe that managed to find its way into your closets or drawers. That one thing you have laying around that you cherish and add to any outfit on any given day of the week.

Now think about it not being yours! Being able to have had the chance to own something so coveted but ave it slipping from your grasp! How do we as a fashion hungry community cope with such intense losses.. Whether it be the best bargain buy or our full price experience, something you so effortlessly find yourself to desire but is not within reach usually, if not always, tends to be something you're going to want for a very long time with no if's, and's or but's..

What are some of your strategies when trying to



this can be defined as to alternate experiences lol

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Anonymous said...

Just breathe bitchh lol <3 u

Vivian said...

When im trying to get over something that I missed out on I usually go to a vintage store and find the best buy and that usually levels me out.. Otherwise I would dwell on the loss all day :(..


Hope you get over what ever it is!

Anonymous said...

just go to holts!

pirat_E said...

out of sight, out of mind!!!

Eliza said...

I think you just have to suck it up and be sad for a moment sure...but remind yourself that fashion is something that never stops, so even if you miss out on one insane opportunity, you can be sure that another item will capture your heart soon enough. And who knows, you may find that coveted piece one day in the future sitting in a vintage shop or something hah!

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