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Saturday, April 17, 2010

WHATS THE: Outfit RIHANNA Is Wearing?

O.K!!.. So it's been more then a minute that i've been drooling over Rihanna (if you didnt know haha). And now I am more then FIXATED on this outfit she was seen rocking a while back. Now I want to know everything, head to toe and especially that furry, shruggy, jacket vest thing.. I LOVE ITT.. SO if you know any of the pieces she is rocking let me know!!

So far I believe that the jeans are Balmain

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Shannae said...

Hey hunny bunny!

I posted on this look last year!
She is wearing Pratts Motorcycle jeans and the Jacket is by Undercover

Here's the link: http://ilovewhatwomenwant.blogspot.com/2009/03/get-rihannas-look_23.html

www.majormusthaves.com said...

I love her too.

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