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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hiding behind your LABELS

People do it.
People feel it.
People love it..

-----Hiding behind your label's definitely does not mean hiding in the corner of your room with Louis Vuitton, Gucci & Hermes boxes sheltering you from the beating rays of sunlight LOL.. It mean's people shop a little here and there, get a couple nice things and then think their hot shit.. There I said it in the most blunt terms possible lol..

-----How do you feel when people hide behind their designer investments and feel that these investments have given them a sense of pristine and intellect above others. I think it's sad and shallow for someone to assume that another know's less than they do right off the bat.. I do understand everyone loves to flaunt or play ego for the day, come-on! And who am I to say I dont! I love my indulgence Friday's that I have shared some of the most amazing memories on! Its fun to indulge in your self and sets your bar high for your expectations of living in the future! But when you rock a taki shirt that you got from your favorite designer department store for $250 with the logo absurdly and over-whelming-LY plastered along your chest then explaining to someone how to say the name (who didn't ask) it just gets a little bit irritating.. Hey, just saying.. SO all I can say is be true to yourself... CHEEZY!?!?!? (I know) but true! My point's are a little over the top but I have a feeling you guys know what I mean!

What do you think?

1] Lanvin Shades
2] Hermes Scarf
3] Dad's Gray Long Sleeve
4] Goose & Leather Puffer
5] @GetJanet's amazing cutoff gloves
6] Hermes Rivale
7] NYC Studs & Accessories

7 -:

Fashion Wh0re said...

You look Great Jay..Great Post

Anonymous said...

I think that your spelling 'taki' and 'cheesy' truly takes away from any credibility your argument holds. And telling an individual how to pronounce a label... I don't see any harm in doing so.

That aside, Some labels thrive from branding. D&G and DSquared2 champion looks known for their oversized letters painted patriotically across a graphic tee or puffer jacket. Oppositely, Moschino, a house known for satirizing its very customer, often does the same, but to a different effect.

However, for an individual so consumed that his 'stacking of accessories' includes an Hermes cuff, the intellect and subtle ironies that identify these pieces is, sadly, most likely lost.

tamphetamine said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. But in another sense, some people enjoy wearing their designer gear and have a sense of accomplishment in owning and affording such things. Sometimes yeah, people need to get off their high horse and not be so materialistic and up-themselves.

I don't think they are hiding, sometimes it makes a person who they are. It just means they are indulgent and have no value in themselves, only in what they wear. There are people like this who I prefer not to have anything to do with... Especially the ones who *think* they know how to pronounce designers names but are wrong. We can only laugh. "yes saint larant!" ahaha


Anonymous said...

hi jay

Really? said...

OK honestly! You say those who flaunt monograms to those who aren't asking........... what do you call listing off every designer you're wearing at the end of your post? You're pathetic if you think you're any different than the desperate fame whores you're ranting about.

Anonymous said...


I honestly get what you're trying to say. Those who feel they're above everyone else because they wear and buy certain labels. Money doesn't buy class, nor does it buy style sense.

It's great to wear designer pieces, but the definition of a true fashionista is when they're able to mix designer with no name, and look FAB!

Jay Strut said...

I am my own worst case scenario i admittedly used to hide behind my labels solely for a self inflicting sense of gratification. Now i've learned to "rock" myself and let the labels being icing on the already amazing cake!!

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