Monday, March 15, 2010

Hermes: How To - Knotting Cards

During a recent purchase at Hermes on Bloor the lovely Kai finished packing up my amazing piece & slipping it into the bag, she then proceeded to add a little rectangle box labelled Knotting Cards.. My mother told me about these prior to the acquisition during her time reading Michael Tonello's - BRINGING HOME THE BIRKIN (it's actually pretty handy in finding out little tricks and secrets of Hermes & getting you the Birkin of your dreams). Inside this little orange Box was a gateway to another dimension (lol).. A Dimension full of the craziest idea's i've never even thought of before (for a Hermes scarf.. or scarf in general).. Like one of my favorites.. Turning your Hermes into a Hobo Bag or a adding a strap to your Birkin KELLY bag (thank you to Michael Tonello for thecorrection!!!!!).. There are so many different and cool things displayed you can do with the scarf!!

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Michael Tonello said...

Hi there,
Thanks for mentioning my book, Bringing Home the Birkin, and thanks for reading!
I just wanted to point out though that in the photo you posted of the Knotting Cards, where they use an Hermes scarf to make a handle for the handbag....well, that handbag in the photo is NOT a's a Kelly.
Be well!

Lady San Pedro said...

This is so clever!!! I want them!

I'm sharing with my friends, thanks for posting :-)

Jessica said...

omg very creative!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

This is neat. :)

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