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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Greta Constantine F/W 2010

An AMAZING performance was put on by the very satisfying duo behind the edgy & dark (a favorite) GRETA CONSTANTINE. I found my jaw very loose by the end of the show from it being dropped at the pieces that moved down the runway.. The music, the vibe, the clothing, the EVERYTHING was so amazing! It was dark and illustrious and captivated the attention of every mind in the underground lot of the Audi building in Downtown, Toronto. I found this collection to be very wearable in every day life, the layers, the details and the proportions were all manipulated to the best they could be and looked amazing every step down that catwalk! I loved it!

I died when i saw the mens.. The detailing and simple little gathering around the pockets to add that little flare outwards.. Or what else? The amazing cut/zip-off's, the jackets & vests.. Just the everything!!! AHHHHHH IM GOING NUTSSS THINKING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOWWW!!! haha.. Moments after the music mixed into a different track... It was a favorite... Long Way To Go by Cassie played and then we knew the fun was just beginning!!

The almost alien/robotic look of the leather tights and outfits just made me go crazy... Once again.. The detailing of this collection is nuts!

photo credits Jason Howlett

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