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Friday, February 26, 2010

Word On The Street: Lady GaGa in works w/ Armani

After gracing us with her amazing constellation-chic outfits during the Grammy's this year, word on the street is that Lady GaGa will be pairing up with Armani. For what you ask? I am not exactly sure but i do know that when something comes and oh I bet it will; I will be in line ot get my Lady GaGa for Armani pieces.. p.s. i am so sad about the fact that Apolo OhNo got disqualified from speed skating lol!! But yeah.. GaGa plus Armani!! WooHoOo..

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stylista said...

That will definitely be an interesting collaboration!! I can't wait to see though.

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The Fashionista said...

She looks like she's straight out of a bad drag show

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