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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

STYLE iCON(S} KanYe West & Amber Rose

In the short time of Men's fashion week KanYe West & Amber Rose managed to mangle the scene and distort it into their little playground rocking all things under the sun. I want to take into account that in the first picture to the right KanYe West is wearing the Christian Louboutin rollerball studded flats with leather pants (MY IDOL).. I am in utter love at the fact that both of them inspire me so much. I love Amber Rose's fearless and thug-ette-ish, Destiny's Child 1999 to Startrek queen take and Kanye's daring and then effortless look on a classy, stylish and properly proportioned urban male. Where ever it may be they will pop the scene so for that KanYe West & Amber Rose are SATISFASHION STYLE iCONS! I scold myself for not thinking of this earlier!! lol

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confessions of a marc addict. said...

i like them together. they complement each other well.

Sam said...

I despise them! They are so tacky and always come off like they're on some drug. But I love your blog!

-The Wish List

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