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Friday, February 19, 2010

NYFW: David Elfin F/W 2010

David Elfin always put's a fashion friendly smile on my face when I see his collections. His last collection during Spring was the reason I grew so fond of his designs. I felt that this collection was very easy. Easy in the sense that way things are meant to be worn and the outfits portrayed are easier to apply then they look giving a customer/consumer a sense of relief when trying to accomplish a high scale look. Another thing I enjoyed were the transitions. When transitioning between colors, pattern's and designs so blatantly it gets a little bit confusing. When doing it multiple times one could just get dizzy. Here David Elfin mastered the ease of transition on the runway and maybe means that going from a solid grey suit to a black/white/gray patterned one isn't that hard!

I loved the layering of this collection! The short's & leggings for men is genius! For so long we were doing a pant with a short layer over them for the look but this is just so refreshing and definitely has to be my favorite mens look of the collection (i want that bag too!!!).. The seemingly triple layering of the skirt is great and the detailing on the pencil skirt by those pockets (or it could be a whole other vest under that amazing sweater) is very manipulatingish/deceivingish, eye catching and leaves us wondering lol!

I love how the most simplest details on pieces add such a different vibe to the outfit. From the minimal mustard detail on the men's pant transforming the simple gray suit into a more approachable, modern or quircky look to the black panels and arms of the women's blazer that just adds a whole level of ferociousness (Kate Lanphear should be first in line to receive one!)

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NancyC said...

I just fell in love!

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