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Saturday, February 20, 2010

FASHATERIANS.. How Do They Work With Fashion

Earlier this week while at work a customer asked to see a powder blue quilted fabric Chanel flap bag so as a good employee I acquired the bag from it's throne amongst the many at Fashionably Yours and layed the amazingly beautiful and ever so classic piece in her hands as if it were the toast at a church CAN I GET AN AMEN!!??.. She proceeded to oooohhhh... and ahhhh at the piece while examining its every external square centimeter. She then opened the bag and noticed that there was a leather panel with a traditional CoCO Chanel imprint and exclaimed with a "Oh No No No..".. I like anyone fraked and assumed that there was a stain somewhere but didn't see anything so I asked what was wrong. She then said "There's leather and im a vegetarian"...
_Leathers, furs and many of the other living creatures we use for wear are some of the heaviest played factors in today's, yesterday's and the day's before that's fashion world. I understand that in some cases cruelty to the animals used has been applied in the practices but because of this I find my self puzzled at how people whom are vegetarians see so much into their dietary restrictions that even what is worn is off-limits to their shopping carts! What do you think!?

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NancyC said...

I think that if you dont eat it you can still wear it!!!!!!!!! Just think of it as taking it in and giving it a home like a pet

confessions of a marc addict. said...

there is simply no way that the majority of humans will stop using animal products, both for food and for other materials like clothing & accessories. i understand why people abstain from it for moral reasons, but that one choice isn't saving any of them. animals will still die, no matter what you do. now eating steak for dinner every night while outfitted in head to toe fur is one thing...but owning an extremely well-crafted leather chanel bag, while still maintaining a vegetarian diet, well that's quite another. moderation in everything, that's what i think.

tamphetamine said...

The stupid thing is, if leather was not produced, the hides of the animals being used for human consumption would be wasted. This is another reason I wear vintage fur, as to not waste what is already killed.

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