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Friday, January 8, 2010

Someone get me a - Lady GaGa Polaroid Camera!!!

As she continues to dominate the world one sequin at a time with all the different paths she includes to affiliate herself and her music with, Lady GaGa is seemingly unstoppable!! Polaroid describes her as a work of art sent from the gods (cant argue with that) and now has appointed her Creative Director. I can only imagine what is to come with this venture. I see awkwardly shaped camera's & features on a camera you thought you would only see on set of Star-Trek!.. Show us your teeth gaga!!..

In further news, Jason Wu is also stepping on the camera bang-wagon and is said to be designing cameras which will be shown during fashion week. I wouldn't say that he is doing it because GaGa is solely because New York fashion week is less then a month away and the design of camera's probably took a bit longer to do then a month... I have a feeling these decisions to branch off into external arts by designers and musicians is going to start a trend this year. Before it was Musicians becoming designers and designers working with Musicians. Now i think its going to be designing anything that can be used.. Rollerblades, Televisions, Cars.. YOU GET THE POINT!! SO in light of all this, all i can say for us to sit back relax and we shall see what 2010 has in store for us.

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defyingmainstream said...

Hopefully GaGa convinces them to bring the old polaroids back. So annoying that they discontinued making the film. It was a major part of the fashion industry.

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