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Monday, January 4, 2010

SA†ISFASHION - FALL twenty10 predictions -

    - Lower price points to grab more consumers and because of all the different layers designers will be introducing this coming season; everything will need to be, or need to seem to be affordable. I think that vintage styled layers of blankets, capes, poncho's, scarves, sweaters, pull-overs, you name it; will be making a big splash onto the catwalk these coming fashion weeks. In the past we have seen a lot of single pieces that just were meant to keep you warm, now i foresee that there will be shirt's & tanks teamed up with heavy wool knit sweaters that have ponchos over them accompanied by lovely tube scarves! The weather is changing and so are the necessities of people. More choice is more business in a economy that is slowly recovering from a recession.

    - Blue's, Green's, Orange's & Metallic's & Pastels. Just some of the main colors and concepts that will be making a splash down the catwalk (from what i assume). The reason for these choices are because they played suttle roles in Spring 2010 collections and now are going to make their break for the big time in Fall/Winter 2010. I feel designers are going to try to carry on some similarities in previous collections to keep their ideas relevant and  help them seem more sustainable to show the people that their "looks" can survive seasons and recessions. Well in cases of pastel i feel they acquired their fair share of time on the runway but i feel now they are going to be put to use in the same sense but in a slightly different way. Were going to see huge knit pastel sweaters & beautiful skirts with tights & mittens. Its going to be a cute season with and edgy appeal. For metallic's, i obviously regard those in the accessory section which means that instead of the more matte styled jeweleries, belts, this &/or that's; people are going to be leaving the bling-bling for the fingers, wrists, etc as oppose to the ED-hardy styled t-shirts/jeans/clothes.

    - Layering. As i mentioned in lower price points, layering will be super, super, super, duper in this coming season. I feel that this will take place not only because of what was stated in the first point but because in light of the recession has come a sense of depression for people and in turn causes an obsession with comfort food. Not to say that comfort food isnt amazing but some people may have had a little bit more than what was intended but overall im pretty sure everyone is fine. What im saying is that because of all the stress and/or possible pounds people have acquired this past year and such, layering will keep people comfortable and stable whether it be scarves, shawls, poncho's, belt's, etc.

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