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Monday, January 11, 2010

OBSESSED.. Lady GaGa - Fooled Me Again LIVE!!

I remember when i to first saw and heard this video!
My heart stopped, My eyes melted and my mind was thrown
to another dimension. I lived the lyrics, i rocked the rage!
I was there with her while she threw her leg up on the piano
and made it pop beginning to end!!...

3 -:

EN VANITÉ said...

i dont get people who dont
im going to her concert when she comes to sydney
(ill do whatever it takes to touch her)

dude your blog looks AMAZING!!!!!! and your photos on lb are really good.
not sucking up, promise. im being serious.

Fashion Wh0re said...

Haha at En Vanite.."i'll Do whatever it takes to touch her"..Me i'll do whatever it takes to meet her..i Think thats like One person in the world i would really LOVE to meet..Gaga is the Best..

Strutt said...

i feel the exact same way.. Ive been to two of her concerts so far in my life and ive cried multiple times each time ive went.. this woman, jeffree star & kanye west are the reason i am me today no joke!! THeir music & personalities are soo amazing

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