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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2010

If you are going to be estranged by the fact that you dont see little accessories
with a neon glowing fur draping down, afro wigs that look more like a model who
dipped their head in a cotton candy machine or anything that you feel Marc Jacobs
should of added.. Fear not he is still the head honcho but this collection was done
by Julie de Libran.. She is Marc Jacobs' deputy who is responsible for designing for
Louis Vuitton's mid-season collections i.e. Pre-Fall and Cruise/Resort...
What do you think ??

i enjoyed the textures that were played with here..
The proportions & the neutralness of
everything that was going on..
Although I lay waiting until Louis Vuitton
produces a collection of any similarity to
Steven Sprouse and feel i wont be satisfied
until that day comes, I find myself without
anything negative to say.
Good show!

3 -:

Vinda Sonata said...

all of them are so well-detailed and look very expensive. she is such a talented designer. i love most staples except the fur (or are they faux-fur?) leg warmers that kinda make the legs look plumper.

Antonia said...

Miu Miu is KILLING me right now

Scorpion Disco said...

Honestly...Im team Marc. This doesnt hae that LV je ne sais quoi, you know? The only remotely tittilating outfits are on the last row, nice pops of color and the very last one has a great silhouette thanks to that fur!


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