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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello & Happy New Year's From Miami

Ok im having a guilt trip..
A guilt trip because my first post of

twenty 10

has to be about me posting about how i miss you guys haha!!!
First i just want you guys to know i wish you all a


its 2010 babyy!! & i am so excited... a new year a new starr(t)..
Last year i learned the in's & out's (most of them)
of the two things im really into (music & fashion)
& this year im going to push, push, push...
lets see how far i can push..

Anyways, im here in South Beach having the time of my life.. (as per usual) and am just on the beach or at bal harbour most of the time haha!! I can't wait.. Well actually i dont mind it here so.. When i get back i have some fun to share with you guys!! The purchases, the outfits, the life.. just the whole experience every year that i have been coming gets me more and more.. & i love that i feel more and more comfortable with this city every time i come!

Add me on facebook for more pictures!!

I miss your comments so much guys haha!!!

talk to you soon!

3 -:

Fashion Wh0re said...

Happy New Years Hun!!! Hope you are Having A Good Time

Yann Bunzll said...

Happy New year, have a very good time to MIAMI! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ♥ XOxo Amazing pictures :p

Sincèrely, Yann!
XOxo ♥

confessions of a marc addict. said...

mmmm, i am so jealous. have fun and kill it this year okay?!

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