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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elie Saab - Haute Couture

Two words that best described this couture show?.. Simply beautiful.. Now those arent usually the words and thoughts that come to mind when someone says couture but Ellie Saab made their presence very relevant and still kept the very essence of couture relevant in this collection.. From the fresh faces and simple hair-do's he used down the runway to the beautiful soft colors and the beautiful embroidery he used on the gowns. For some reason while reviewing this collection A Midnight Summer's Dream came to mind, now, the weirdest part about that is that I have not an idea of what A Midnight Summer's Dream is..

I can't emphasize more how much I love the colors of this collection. They are so pretty, feminine and timeless. I also love the length of the dresses, out of 44 pieces only 8 were short which is great! Another acknowledgement that has to be made is how beautiful the fabric flows.

Although I am really liking this collection I dont feel that it is couture week material. I would love to see this collection available at a lower price point and showing at the normal fashion week. This would of assisted the consumer in attaining a bit of savings. Although I assume these dresses will retail for something more, if anything, way more then 2 (im just guessing people) I would have to say some are worth it but otherwise for the price point and look I would rather go with Marchesa.

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Anonymous said...

i always loved your gowns..... it's a dream to wear one..

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