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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Champ Is Here > Jean Paul Gaultier - FW2010

Whether it's "HULK MAN" ripped abs, leather suits, cropped jakets, over-sized knit scarves or embroidered sweaters that could keep an igloo warm, my super-favorite Jean Paul Gaultier always knows how to make it POP!! I am in love with some of the pieces of this collection.. I think its almost time to own my first JPG.. I have the cologne if that counts?? haha.. I am in love with how this collection varies.. It varies for its customer, you can have some little edgy fashion thing like me wearing this, then you can have a sophisticated working man in one of the p-trench coats... You can literally have a boxer in those shoes (which i hope he made, because i want a pair!!).. or you could have a wedding in the caped tuxedo blazer!!.. Jean Paul Gaultier.. never dissapoints me!

thank you & more at The Fashionisto

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Vinda Sonata said...

oh wow, amazing looks! gaultier's collections are always interesting. what i really like about him is that he never stereotyped his collections. one model could go with a biker-rocker look, while the other would be sent as an elegant man in suit. i like his adventurous side so much! i really enjoy this post.

thank you for sharing :)

AudreyAllure said...

such amazing looks :)

love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

EN VANITÉ said...

dude, everytime I go on your site it changes.

I wonder, will you let me dedicate a post to you?

MAGiiC*MARCO said...


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