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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Balmain - Mens - s/s2010

Its scary, but true to say that rarely would i even consider buying pieces from a mens
wear collection.. I find that it takes alot for me to make that movement because of the
proportions, shapes and designs.. Only recently was i captivated by the very avant-
garde Orschel-Read Couture collection for men and since this moment that was it.. Now i
find myself wrapped in the fabrics of infatuation just dying to be immersed in Balmain
pour hommes.. I am in LOVE!! Not only is everything just so neutral and easy to
wear but its so edgy, raw and combat military all in one! I love the blazers and long
sleeves, jackets, jeans and boots.. I pretty much love it all! I definitely see some
pieces i will be scoring during twenety10..

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Vinda Sonata said...

Jay, this collage is amazing. can i repost this for my next blog entry? please notify me back ASAP. thank you so much! :)


Love it!

Fashion Wh0re said...

He's Hott!!! and i love the collage i need to learn how to make collages

The Starving Stylist said...

great collage here! I really liked the new men's Balmain collection quite a bit too. Don't know if I would ever be able to afford it but it's worth a dream right?

p.s. great blog you have here, I generally don't tell that many people that, but I really enjoy reading your blog! Definitely following you now.


AVIVA said...

wow, this is amazing, not only does this spread look so magazine like and cool but the menswear of Balmain looks like it is going to be great! I love this collection, my favorite menswear line to date!

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