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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are YOU Ready for NY Fashion Week??


As we of the fashionably obsessed know, New York Fashion Week is just a month
away which is like 2 weeks (OR LESS) in fashion years! The designers are
getting ready to show off their hottest fall/winter collections for 2010, the tents
or whatever they may be this season are being constructed, socialites and fashion
fanatics are putting together a years worth of outfits which will be very carefully
scrutinized and examined until the best of the bunch are sorted out more carefully
then organs when playing operation!! And i am here... PANICKING!!!..
Right now i feel like a baby deer in the high beams of a Audi R8 (& that is seriously

I have always been so excited to one day attend New York Fashion Week and now, the
closer it comes the more fearful i become. The reason why i am being so overdramatic
is because of the fact that i am doing it all solo-dolo.. Even though my
mother is probably going to end up coming with me and/or giving me her seats i am
still trying to do it on my own! Contacting p.r's & design houses..

If it weren't for IFB i would be a lot more scared. There are great posts like
The Fashion Blogger’s Guide to New York Fashion Week which has given me
some insight on what to do. As most of you guys know i have previous experience from
Toronto fashion week but again it is nothing like New York.

Lets pray that i make it pop in New York and strut my stuff like there is no
tomorrow! If you guys have any advice for me please let me know! If you have been to
New York, tell me your stories or leave the link to your post from New York fashion
week so i can get some more information!

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