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Sunday, December 13, 2009

TiME TO INDULGE!!! Holiday Indulgence Means Significant Investments!

This holiday season, when you've finally accumulated all of that glorious cash and you feel you're ready to "hit-up" the closest Holt Renfrew, Saks, Neiman Marcus, mall, outdoor outlet or whatever it may be, wouldn't it be wonderful to spend it all on that one, hugely expensive item that you've been eyeing for weeks, months or even years in magazines, on net-a-porter.com or luisa via roma or even here on SATISFASHION? Not to say doing a little bit of shopping here and there is bad, everyone loves a new wardrobe without a big price tag, but isn't it nice to indulge in that one big purchase? Like a brand new pair of Christian Louboutin's, a Prada clutch, some Alexander McQueen or one of the canvas bags from the new Burberry collection, there is always that something we all want but can't always get right away. Now, as I noted it being the holidays, it is the chance for those who may not have a great job, have many bills to pay, many prioroties, or just can't afford that something on a regular day to (as I nowadays love to say) indulge. Indulgence is something that just needs to be done to survive in today's hectic world.
Tips When Indulging On That Something Special
- Make sure you are getting something that you will always want to wear. Whether it be to show off at a very ritzy event or one that is just for fun and a good laugh.
- One should want to indulge in something trendy, yet timeless. I know they don't really go together that well, but you want something that you can rip out of the bag and rock on that runway you call, "life" as soon as that receipt prints out.
- If you can, indulge in something for everyday wear. You can detour if you want, but I personally would not find myself indulging in a Herve Leger dress, retailing at about $1000 that would only be relevant for certain times, when I could get an amazing pair of Alexander Wang creeper booties that I could absolutely fall asleep!
- Make sure you really, really want it!! Dont just go for something because its the heat of the moment and your in a really expensive store and you asked to see something and you dont want to feel the pressure of having to say.. No thank you!!! I learned the hard way with doing things like that and now i know how to say no!!

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Trayy said...

i hate that i want everything here

Denimista said...

i love your taste! Can we indulge together? lol


wreckedstellar said...

Great selections- esp. loving the Hermes studded cuff and LV sunglasses!

BagBoy said...

the burberry military canvas bag
owns my heart

- said...

wants everything im seeing

confessions of a marc addict. said...

wonderful post, and i agree. i love saving my money to buy amazing pieces like the ones you talked about and showed above. i put that a. wang biker jacket in a gift guide i did on my blog!

Yann Bunzll said...

Great OUTFITS! I wish the HERMES STUTTED CUFF ♥ So chic and goth' :)

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