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Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank YOU!.. yes YOU!

Hey guys just wanted to let you guys know that as i looked at my live feed of who has been checking out my blog i see all these great countries a.k.a viewers from Asia, Europe The U.S.A, here in Canada and all over the world.. As i look at these, two words come to mind.. Thank and You.. I am sooooooooooooo thankful that although SATISFASHION has been in shambles and been brought down and up i cant even remember how many times in the past week you guys have still came back to see whats up & even commented giving your feedback.. So thank you guys for sticking with me haha...As we know SATISFASHION is still a baby (Only 4 months old!!) and still has so much time to grow.. Although it has been such a short time, so many great things have happened, so many amazing people have been met and so many things have been accomplished, & i love that there is always room for more.. So i just wanted to say if this is your first time.. or if this is even your last time...thank you & thank you to the readers new and returning for your new & recurring hunger to be SATISFIED ;)....

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Vii* said...

Your welcome Jayy <3 !!
Now promise never to stop blogging and no matter what you think or what they say about your new layouts, your new looks or whatever it may be.. You are an amazing individual !!


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