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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OOPS... i did it.. AGAIN!!!

Ok.. OK... OK!!!!!

i know i changed it again..but this is it..
i tweaked it here and there a little bit..
and im officially satisfied once again..

let me be honest with you guys right now..

The only reason i kept changing my blog is because i felt self conscious and a little less of other blogs and online magazines.. I felt that if i had a nicer layout it would look cooler and more professional and if i told someone about it they wold take it more serious.. But really now.. I went throw gala's, events, fashion week and a bunch of other things with just this simple blog layout and i did just fine.. I am sorry for changing it a bunch of times but i do hope you guys are happy with the new/old change.. I like to think this is better then the small magazine style blog layouts because you get to see a bigger and more detailed photo.. Before it was smaller and i was resizing photos like it was going to go out of style.. But thank god i had a moment tonight and decided just to stick to my gut.. SATISFASHION first and formost a fashion BLOG.. Maybe in the future i will change it to an online magazine, or radio show, television commercial or whatever it may be. But for what it is its a blog and im proud of it.. In love with it.. and hope you guys are to!! Come on.. Its been 4 month and we already have 100 FOLLOWERS!! how amazing is that... I wouldn't of been able to do it with out you guys.. So as ive been saying like a million times this and the past week.. Thank You!!!...

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RFSP said...

Wow, now its amazing... Very professional,


Follow me,

Estefania said...

There is no reason to be sorry for the constant change in layouts, after all, you're doing it for our satisfashion too, and that is to be appreciated :P
I love the colors you picked, and the banner thing looks very pro.
Have a happy week!

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