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Friday, December 4, 2009

LiVE From The: #HoltRenfrew POP-UP Shop @ #560KingStW ..

So I just had the opportunity to check out the holt renfrew pop up shop & it was amazing!! I loved the vibe and variety.. It was just so fresh and cool to be shopping/browsing/enjoying..I saw so many cool things.. From sweaters & boots, to my favorite Bond No 9.. There was all these creams, lotions & etc.. And then you could find a lego set for a great stalking stuffer..My favorite item there definitely had to be the Alexander Wang jacket.. The style was very similar to my jacket except there was a built in hoodie.... I chatted with some lovely people & met the Creative Director of Holt Renfrew.. Slipped him my card and told him about the blog! (If you're reading this, it was a pleasure to meet you!!) Overall it is a great space and literally the epitome of a pop-up shop!! So cool!! Hopefully they bring in the Alexander Wang Jamie Booties so I can snag them!!.. But aside from that i definitely recommend that you guys check it out.. If your in the area you definitely dont want to miss this.. Buying or not the energy is great and there are actually things to do !! haha.. The twitter board was amazing (live twitter updates on the wall), the pin-maker.. Everything !!!!!

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SarahSarah said...

Omg this looks so cute &amazingg.. i am definitely going to check it out noww

Vii* said...

this looks so nice.. So sad i missed it!


Yann Bunzll said...

Great STORE! So very cute :p ♥

XOxo, Yann!

Dejana • shopsterium.blogspot.com said...

I blogged about this too! I have an interview with the VP :) Check it out:

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