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Monday, December 7, 2009

i want your bad.. BAD ROMANCE - Russian Vogue 2009

I dont know why.. Well obivously i know why.. its because Vogue is amazing.. and because so.. Vogue always gets me tangled in it's works of art every issue, every season, every page, every moment.. I am in love with these photos.. Matt Irwin is such a talented and creative man.. Such simple things translate so much quality and idea onto the page... So amazing ahh!! haha..

Bad Romance | Anastasija Kondratjeva by Matt Irwin
Magazine/ Vogue Russia December 2009
Photography/ Matt Irwin
Styling/ Simon Robins
Featuring/ Anastasija Kondratjeva
Source (Credit)/ © VOGUE.RU

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Julio Cesar said...

Love this editorial!

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