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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back To Basics

Hey guys.. i did it again..
I have decided to return the blog to its first ever official original layout..
I am now going to start the search again for my favorite blog layout
if anything im going to have to..

make it myself!!

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Vinda Sonata said...

hey, great layout there. that's surprising to see a picture from french vogue--yes, the whole body-painting thing is genius! ;)-- although frankly, i prefer the last layout to this one :)


@therealjuvaughn said...

I liked the other one you had before this, way better. But love the blog! I do graphics, I can help you with the layout.

Ren said...

lol thats basically what I did yesterday. It took me so many hours but i like the result: slang-ren.blogspot.com

and i liked the other one too!

Estefanía said...

I prefer the layout prior to the current one, it looked more organized, especially in the distribution of the columns.
I really enjoy reading your blog, keep it going.

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