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Friday, November 27, 2009

Your Sneak Peak @ H&M - S/S 2010 Lookbook !!

I never complain about H&M.. and i dont feel that im going to have to right now..
I will simply make an inquiry.. An inquiry on the choice of color for the
Spring/Summer 2010 collection.... Im not sayin there isnt any color,
but im just saying that a bit more would of been more fun... It fells a bit
Fallish to me if antyhing..

Aside from that i do seem to find myself a little bit captivated by the
droppy, draping, falling & flailing fabrics used here.. I know i just complained
about them, but for what it is.. The colors are very nice.. I love the harem pants
and the batwing styled tops..

I carefully examined each picture to see if there was a possible purchase for me..
YES.. if you didnt know... which i highly doubt you didnt.. I shop womens..
PERSONALLY i dont feel you can judge who gets to do what with what in fashion..
Fashion is for everyone the same way love is for everyone, art is for everyone
life is for everyone.. So one should not be judged or labelled because of what side
of the store they shop on, but more on how they portray themselves in their clothing.

SEE!! i rambled on again..
greatt.. lol....
But overall.. I feel there is pop of color, but i think blocks of color
could of been so much more effective..
especially with the type of shapes & patterns
used in the clothing..
I cant wait to see this & especially SONIA RYKIEL
in the flesh....
fml llol....

How do YOU feel about
H&M's S/S 2010 collection??

6 -:

Garrett Naccarato said...

I don't know how I feel about their new lookbook for guys and girls. I'm not really impressed. The fall/winter 2009 lookbook is still my favorite

F45H10NWH0R3 said...

I love the girl in the last picture.. The dress is so cute!

confessions of a marc addict. said...

i just really want to get that black jumper!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather get the Jimmy choo x H&M one

V* said...

i think the stuff is quite pretty


Mille said...

I LIKE it <3
I like your blog too !

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