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Saturday, November 7, 2009

WOW i need to get this!!! Burberry Prorsum Men

Once i saw these Burberry Prorsum oversized canvas bags i was sold!!

I guess the thing that really takes me with these bags are the simplicity..
The shapes & the colors.. I always love the Burberry colors & styles..
I find myself only ever liking bag's with prints/patterns when they are either
Louis Vuittn or Gucci & im very selective on that lol..

But yes.. Ive been dying to find the prices of these especially the tan one..
I guess i just have to wait untill Spring/Summer of 2010 to find out..
Until then.. I'll be here drooling and sapping over these haha..

images via [http://bagaholicboy.blogspot.com/]

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Allante Cathe said...

The way I see it, if a man's going to wear a purse, wear a purse. Don't beat around the bush, just call it for what it is. It aint like you'll be foolin anybody. Like really, same thing with skinny jeans, men's are still women's just marketed and photographed towards men. It's all the same.

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