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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Smell Beautiful.. Trust ME !! This is the SHiZz..

Obviously, just obviously one of the best things which i have ever smelt
and purchased for smelling lol have come from and is based upon
the different parts of the city, weather it be China Town or SoHo..
Bond no 9 is based on one of the greatest and my favorite cities in the world...
New York.. And is probably the best thing my sense of smell has ever made
contact with.

Bond No 9 is simply amazing..
Personally my favorite sent is
China Town..

It's sweet and soft on your senses..
It has such a unique scent & The best part is
it lasts so long UGH, from what i was told the equivelant to
one squirt from Bond No 9 fragrances is like 3 or 4 of other
perfumes which means less is as much and maybe sometimes more..
i cant get over how much i love these things..
The china town bottle is the pink one with the cherry blossoms
but im pretty sure you know which one im talking about.

The new scent based on Andy Warhol is also a great smell.
In my personally thoughts, because i am addicted and have the china town
smell in my head and on me for most of the time i find it hard to find
anything better.. So personally i feel it's not as nice as China Town,
but it has also a soft scent & the bottle is beautiful.