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Monday, November 2, 2009

Shopping in Toronto.. What The F*#$

I was at Yorkdale mall today and wondering around.

Here and there, there and here..
I went from Holts to H&M, Zara to Lacoste.
I checked out FCUK & a bunch of other stores...
& i just want to ask you something,


All i really saw were knock offs,
try hard remakes, ugly colors
and boring styles & in some cases
things from previous seasons.

1. Herve Leger Knock Off,
2. This gray dress has been in the loop @ FCUK for about 3 seasons,
when asked why they continue to produce the same exact thing with horrible prints
every single season they said it sells.. & i can imagine it does but still come on..
It is still a simple dress, but if you saw some of the prints i did you would feel the same..
They had some lego styled orange, blues & whites which made my eyes barf.
3. I saw these boots, and although they were nice right away i thought of Proenza Schouler,
i guess everyone is trying to do an affordable knock-off style.
4. Louboutin styled knee high boots were a drag to look at as well!!

i then went to Holt Renfrew
and walked around, the mens section.. Louis Vuitton, cosmetics, womens..
HERE & THERE.. and once again, nothing caught my eye..

But with Holt Renfrew i give leniency because they base selection on location.
I know what they carry at Yorkdale is nothing compared to what they have at Bloor
so i love them still.. But overall i think that everywhere is playing it safe.. In regards to
styles, prints, colors, this and that.. And its not really fun!!
The most fun ive seen are the hot neon pink louboutins at holts
on bloor that my friend got not to long ago!

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I just discover your blog and i like it.
Your header is awesome!

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