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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


& there she was, and there i fell in love..
Thank you CitizenCouture.com is all i can say..
What is Citizen Couture you may ask..
It is an exquisite Street Style blog that i feel
is goin to be making a very big mark in the fashion world!!

I saw this photo.. And automatically fell in love..
it was only right that i posted it on
Fear Lanphear & drooled for about .. forever!!..

Jason, who runs CitizenCouture is your prime example of an artistic anurisum.
A tax professional with a large public accounting firm
gone amazing street style photographer..
(I love this world!!!)..

His first post was March 31st 2009
on the street during/after/before/around (you get the point..)
the DKNY runway show during New York fashion week!
Since then i do believe he has not been able to put his DSLR away!!
And thank god he hasen't because his work is amazing..

Check out these full features &
so,so,so,so,so many more photos all at

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antwan said...

i can tell i'll be visiting this blog more & more...

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