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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monsieur Block - This Seasons Trend is Forecasted as COLOR BLOCKING..

So i've been scanning around and according to VOGUE
color blocking is this year's fall trend.. And as much as i
would never want to question the bible.. I am not seeing it.
Maybe its my location or demographic.. But in a way i would say that
COLOR BLENDING as oppose to COLOR BLOCKING is really taking place
as it has been since foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.. everyone blends..
And i guess that you(Vogue) can just exxagerate what is already there
and make it popular and happen... Anyways, im not sure but i do believe
that this model is Josh Beech.. Here is a take on some masculine and
semi-kinda dramatic colorblocking!

Personally, only if i had to i would wear this,
but i guess because of my structure as a body i wouldnt suit these jackets..
But whatever.. Raf Simons did an AMAZING job though capturing a
under and over tone of color blocking in this GQ spread
as oppose to doing whole pieces color by color he incorporated blocks
within the piece so i guess you get a bit more then what you paid for!! haha
.. Although i said i probably wouldn't wear these pieces in proper hipocritical form
i really wouldnt mind the last one with the white collar, sleeves and then alternate
buttons.. Its a pretty nice jacket actually !!! haha

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Cam Putt said...

It's not Josh Beech. I have no idea who he is though... Other than very average.

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