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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Make-Up FRENZY !! All Skill Right Here!! Im So Sad Halloween is Over This Would Of Been Sick !!

Check out the cosmotoligical (is that even a word) - make-up skills of
Logan Salter..
A fellow Torontonian with a god given talent!! He has these crazycool make-up tutorials
for different faces, styles, this & that..
I checked a few of them out because i find it very interesting and artistic to see
the detail, layers, and finness of make-up artists today. What i find most amazing
is when a make up artist does symetrical shapes/designs on either sides of the face
and have a steady hand to perform so clean.

My favorite video has to be this one.. He does a barbed wire detail on the collar bones
that just put the rest to shame!! Check it out..

Crazy right??..
Here are some more for you guys

catch the rest of his videos @

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Megan said...

Lady Gaga is a fashion legend : )

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