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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Live From:: The Frocktail Event

Im sitting here now taking a 5 minute break
Just so I can give you guys the lowdown on
the showdown here at The Frocktail event.

Its pretty faces, dresses to die for
& dress shoes making eyes sore!!!
No Im totoally joking with you guys!
Everyone here pretty much looks great!

As I sit here looking @ all the people that got
dressed up for the event I just thank the fact that I'm home...

I'm here with some friends!! Yup therse Nolan!!
The one who had the most amazing wrist pieces (stacks)
during LG Fashion Week & again tonight!!

The Burroghes building was perfect venue to hold the event this evening!!
Unfortnately I wasn't able to make it to the auction due to unfortunate
responsibilities.. Which took the toll and the time on me making it..

I'm running up the stairs and going to get a smoke..
Ok I'm here now & at the roof top patio of the venue
(the burroghes building) sitting here..

I see a lot of sequence, & a lot of color..
I'm surprised speaking for the fact that
Toronto girls usually and in some (not all) cases,
play it safe..

I love what I see..

I'm finishing my smoke & unfortunatley my camera people didn't make it!
Thank the lord for the organizers of the event for offering to send the photos &
prices of the auctioned off events!!! (Thanks guys)...

I was warmly welcomed by beautiful & happy faces!!

I'm @ the bar now.. Thank you for following me around on my short journey
I can't wait to show you guys more!!

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