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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LEATHALLY STUDDED - Louise Goldin x Topshop

Louboutin x Rodarte is that you?
I first asked myself.. Then came to the conclusion
that this was a whole nother level of studded heel..
Safety goggles, check!!
I love the sense of animosity and rebellion when i look at these..
A couture punk rocker is the first thing i think of..
And obviously Topshop would be one step ahed of the game!!
There are sOo GaGa..
I cant wait to see her rocking these sooner then later lol..

Another reason i find myself captivated by these kickz
is the color.. Or lack of i guess would be a better term..
THe shades of gray, black and white are the greatest asset
to these studded masterpieces...
I really wish they made a patent leather alexander wang jamie bootie like shoe
studded like this.. I would die on the floor & not hold back from breaking
the bizzank!! woo...lol..

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These are amazing

Previously Owned said...

"safety goggles check!" hahaha

I think they're great. fabulous shoes/defense mechanism! for those uncalled strangers on a girls night out lol

<3 great post !

Strutt said...

These shoes are so dope!!
I wish what i wished for came true!!
Come on designers haha...

& Yes they are beautiful defense mechanisms..
And whoever has accessibility to them would be
crazyydumdumm if they dont get them!!!

We dont have topshop here in T.O so blahhh..

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