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Monday, November 30, 2009


So have you been going on the Holt Renfrew website and seeing this little splash come up on your screen and leave you in a total awe???.. Well i have been in touch with holt's p.r's and this is the location and dates of the Holt Renfrew Contemporary Pop Up Shop i have gotten word that this thing is amazing.. One of Holt's buyers exclaimed to me that this is like nothing that he has ever seen before.. So im assuming that this is going to be good!!

The location should be good! It is where the fashion house is on King St. or if you were recently at the American Apparel rummage sale, it is at that location.. Hopefully a different part of the building though because it was kind of smelly, stuffy and awkward down there.. I guess that is what rummagers.. rummage in haha..

So anyways, make sure you check it out! I have a feeling this will be an amazing event brought on by Holt's..

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confessions of a marc addict. said...

love the new header! good work.

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