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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i really, seriously, verily am in love with this guys hair..
I always love the look of this kind of hair for men
or for women.... It reminds me of

which in turn
gives me some serious memories
and loving flashbacks of this
beautiful man!!


Ahh i love chain-remembering things haha..
Can't wait to grow my hurrr out a bit more..
Well quite a bit more
and hopefully get it going like these..

2 -:

Dianaaa said...

I remember seeing you & your beautiful curls at an event not to long ago, just cant remember, its at the tip of my tounge!! And your hair is beautiful the way it is.. but im pretty sure you will rock this kind of look!!\\<3


ElasticHeart said...

I love that style of hair, too. So lovely!

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