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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Diet Butcher Slim Skin Studded Leather Sneakers

Check out these beautiful slim skin studded sneakers!! Wow..
They kind of make me forget about my obsession with
Alexander Wang Jamie Booties
Just a little bit though..
Those critters are stuck in the back of my head still..
But these are so dope/fresh.sick+withit!! lol
They are available @ Japaneese webstore Glaice..
check em out!! Buy a pair.. They go for ¥39,900 which im guessing is about
$380 - $400 CAD/US or whatever
... If you know let me know..
and then tell me what you think haha!

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Anonymous said...

THese are so cool to bad there all sold out

Freddy F said...

I agree with you, what a shame that they are all sold out!!
At least we all get some new inspiration for a DIY!!

i have a pair of diesel shoes that could be perfect for this!!

Alisyia said...

The white ones are my favorites!

Ana1u said...

oh myyy i love that sneackers in every color!! are perfect.

Anonymous said...

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