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Friday, November 13, 2009

CAVEWOMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I appreciate individuality & spontaneity and all that fun stuff..
And although these Emilio Pucci shoes are beautiful.. I have to say
that the legs however are not!!! I find it kind of un-fashionable
to see that going down the runway.. I understand the whole sexy cavewoman look
but still i do feel this is a little overboard, maybe the electrified hair
is enough in some cases.. The only way that i will confirm & accept this is if
i see Anna, Daphne, GaGa, Giovanna or anyone of the lovely & fashionable ladies
of today's world rocking it out as hard as they would rock & stay true to the
original look of McQueen, Chanel, Galliano, etc...

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Daniella Dolce said...

That is grose, but the shoes are CUTE !

Anonymous said...

grose!like u agree with all the cavewoman stuff! but is not tht great! right??!

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