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Monday, November 30, 2009

ACNE S/S 2010 - Mens .. PalettyPastelly

The very amazing Stockholm founded collection seriously put it together again for me.. I always love what the house of Acne has to put out for us to see, feel, touch & obviously wear.. I find myself captivated by the flow & proportion of a lot of the pieces.. Oh and definitely can not forget the color.. I love the loose fit pants & then i obsess over the fitted pants.. The colors of them as well are a major plus for me.. I often find myself a little discouraged by wearing clothes that fit a bit larger because of proportion but in this case i love how they paired certain larger looking things with a layer under to give it not only the perfect proportion but an the perfect enhanced look.. What i mean by this is that i like how under the black denim jacket there is a shirt with sleeves holding up the jacket to help keep the look as oppose to having to roll up your sleeves or in some cases fix the elastic holding them up... Its little things like that that really grab my attention..

The colors are an ahh.. I love the softness of the pinks and how it all looks like sherbert ice-cream... I think that a grande amount of clothing with these colors makes me hungry half the times so wearing them may be a plus for those in need of a new dietary plan haha.. No but really they are really nice.. Another thing i find great about the outfits are the way that they blended the colors.. two blocks with a cool print on a shirt never looked so good!!

I also enjoy how Acne is willing to be daring.. And how they manage to make it look so good.. I guess the saying would be.. Daring has never looked so good?.. Actually i take it all back.. Lets try simplifying.. As we know in todays world, sometimes less is more but in many cases less is worse.. I love how Acne removed the collar & lapels off of the blazer and gave it such a clean look.. I personally would love to rock one of these blazers maybe with a nice collared button up under & then i would pop the collar over the "lack of collar" of the blazer haha and give it that whole Chanel vibe but for a male !!!.. WOO just got some inspiration there haha... In other news (lol) i am seriously digging the cropped denim jacket with the larger shirt under.. HELUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU i dont know how long ive been doing that with my denim/leather jacket & this shirt my dad scored @ honest eds a while ago for.. but come on.. give me some credit here haha.. & this is why i need to start posting pictures of my outfits.. LOOKBOOOK haha.. no but really this is so dope i could just stare at it all day.. but then i would have to go buy it!!! CTRL !! CTRLLL !!..

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