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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why did you have to Sell :'(.. This Sequence Vest Looks Amazing.

It really isnt funny how long ive been waiting to acquire something sequin.. Ive been hoping that i could of found a sequence blazer for my prom.. That DIDNT work.. I started hoping again, this time for a sequence vest or shirt or something.. Maybe from Forever 21 or H&M.. again that didnt happen..

And then long comes this !!

images via Shop En Vanite

.. This online vintage store called

sells all these great things.. everything that ive wanted is F****** SOLD im so depressed so i guess i just gotta go crazy stalker on this site and wait for something to pop up that catches my eye again!

3 -:

Raez said...

lvoe the vest, too bad its sold!

thanks for visiting my blog as well, youve got a great one too!

xx raez

Jay said...

i know !! ahh isnt it something that could just steal the show haha.. and no problem i love your blog!

EN VANITÉ said...

holy shit this is me!!! hahaha!!! sorry for selling the sequined vest :( if i had known you a few months ago i would have definitely told you about it..

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